About Us

QBPros, Inc. is located in Rapid City, South Dakota at the edge of the beautiful Black Hills Forest. We serve the Black Hills region of South Dakota locally, and the entire United States remotely.

We sell, train, and support QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and QuickBooks Online accounting software. We also provide remote bookkeeping services, and business management guidance to businesses with gross sales less than $20M throughout the United States.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help entrepreneurs build great businesses that improve their lives.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide valuable business insight and strategic guidance, to make you more focused, effective, and profitable.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build strong, loyal client relationships that allow us to contribute to their growth and success by providing expert financial management, efficient systemization, effective strategy, and relevant business intelligence.

We're Business, Accounting, and Software Experts

Operating a small business can be a challenge on many different fronts. Business owners are busy and are required to manage all facets of their business. Often times the the business end of the business simply isn’t the owners’ expertise and as result it doesn’t get the attention that it needs.

If the business grows, eventually the lack of attention to budgets & finances, internal systems & procedures, and laws & regulations catches up with the business and it’s owners, and it’s always costly when it does.

The good news is that we’re business experts for hire. First and foremost, we employ sound business principles in all that we do. We’re also Intuit Certified QuickBooks Financial and Point of Sale ProAdvisors, recognized as experts in those products. Combined we’re equiped to provide great solutions to the challenges your business faces.

We have great ideas for software systems, processes, and procedures that if properly implemented can really turn things around for your organization. You can expect your operations to become better organized, easier to manage, more productive, and achieve greater compliance. If you want a smoother running organization, we can help.

Whether it’s just a quick “How do I do this?” QuickBooks question, you need bookkeeping done, you need to implement the right software system, or even if you need a business manager, we’re here to help. Please give us a call, we’re friendly!

Meet The Team

Chief Problem Solver

Jeff Cecchini

Jeff Cecchini is the Chief Problem Solver at QBPros. He has been using and supporting others who use QuickBooks since the DOS days. He is a Intuit Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor for QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Point of Sale.

He has been an owner/operator of businesses in a variety of industries including tax preparation, construction, service bureau payroll processing, and software development which gives him a strong real world business understanding.

Jeff loves people and loves helping people overcome the difficulties that they face. His skill, to be able to uncover the real problem behind the symptom and to solve it, has given him the nick-name Columbo, after the TV character LAPD homicide detective Lt. Columbo.