Double Window Envelopes for QuickBooks Invoices

Frequently we are asked, “What double window envelopes should I buy to mail QuickBooks invoices in?”

First, we should note that the there is a different size envelope for invoices and checks…they are not interchangable, so please purchase carefully.

Go to our Amazon store: for GREAT PRICES (on both types of envelopes) and select the navigation link “QuickBooks Supplies” and there are a range of quantities and seal types that should suit you. We do not sell these, but simply point a link to the items and earn a commision for doing so.

Many generic envelopes will work well with QuickBooks invoices if they are the correct size. The common size is “#9”. The envelope has demensions of 3-7/8″ high x 8-7/8″ long. and can be purchased from office supplies stores for about 60% more money than our Amazon links listed above!

Window placements.

Top window:  1-1/8″ high x 3-1/2″ long
Top window is 3/4″ from the top (2-1/16″ from the bottom) and 3/8″ from the left.

Bottom window: 1″ high x 4″ length.
Bottom window is  2-3/8″ from the top (5/16″ from the bottom) and 3/8″ from the left.

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