e-pay Tax Payment and Direct Deposit Transmission Deadlines in QuickBooks

Direct Deposit Transmission:
There is a hard deadline of 5pm PT two business days before pay date. Wed 5pm PT for Fri pay day.

e-pay of tax payments:
2 business days prior to payment date.

Although IRS EFTPS has a transmission deadline of only 8p ET the day before payment date, QuickBooks requires you to transmit 2 business days prior to payment date. We cannot confirm a certain time. Seems as if Intuit wants a one day safety net of time to transmit the payments to the IRS. We have found that transmission usually results in an immediate “Agency Acceptance” status within QuickBooks and shows up in immediately as well. Perhaps other state agencies require a longer period and QuickBooks standardizes this for ease to the support staff and end users.

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