Tip: How to log off another QuickBooks user

QuickBooks Messenger is a feature introduced in QuickBooks 2009 that allows communication between QuickBooks users in Multi-user mode. You must be signed into QuickBooks in Multi-user mode in order to use the QuickBooks Messenger.

Opening QuickBooks Messenger

In Multi-user mode, you will notice a QuickBooks Messenger icon in your system tray (located in the bottom right portion of your screen). The messenger is automatically started whenever you are logged in. Double-click this icon to launch the messenger.

Chatting with other users

When you receive a notification that another user has logged into the company file, you can click Chat on the notification window to begin a conversation with that user. You can also right-click the QuickBooks Messenger icon in your system tray and select Chat with to start a chat with another user.

The Admin user can chat with other users logged into the company file by clicking the Actions drop-down arrow and selecting Send Message to Logged In Users.

Note: It is not possible to view a log of Messenger conversations between users at this time.

Available status

You may wish to show other QuickBooks users your status (busy, away, or otherwise). Change your available status by clicking the drop-down arrow that displays your username. Select the status that applies to you, and it will be displayed for other users to see.

Disabling QuickBooks Messenger

To disable the QuickBooks Instant Messenger feature:

  1. In multi-user mode, sign in as Admin.
  2. Go to File/Utilities.
  3. Disable QuickBooks Instant Messenger.

Closing QuickBooks for another user

The Admin user can close QuickBooks for another user:

  1. Launch QuickBooks Messenger.
  2. Click the Actions drop-down arrow.
  3. Select Close Company File for Users.
  4. Select the user whose QuickBooks you want to close.
  5. Click Close Company File.
  6. In the Confirmation window, click Yes.



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