How to Change Power Button to Logoff (Win 7 and Win 8 w/ Classic Shell)

A great way to regain some familiar functionality to Windows 8 is to install Classic Shell. It’s puts the Start button back on the desktop. However to customize it’s functionality, you must access it’s setting in the Start>All Programs>Classic Shell>Classic Shell Start Menu Settings.

One of the settings that we change on our remote access machines, it to replace the Power button’s default function from “Shutdown” to “Logoff” because it’s too easy to hit shutdown and turn off a remote machine. In Win 7, in a blank area to the right of the Power button, right-click, choose Properties, and select Logoff from the Power button action dropdown menu. But, that method does not work with Classic Shell in Win8.

But, not to worry, there is a way to accomplish the same functionality in Win, you just have to access the settings¬†¬†Start>All Programs>Classic Shell>Classic Shell Start Menu Settings, then click “Show all settings” checkbox, then select Main Menu tab, then scroll down to Shutdown command, pick Log off.