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Multicurrency Transactions in QuickBooks

You have a few options regarding multi-currency transactions in QuickBooks. First, Q/B does have a multicurrency feature that you may want to check out. Thoroughly research before implementing as you can’t reverse it ( This is best implemented if you have frequent multi-currency transactions. However, if you create the occasional invoice that gets paid in […]

FBI warns users of malicious mobile malware #Android

In a warning issued by a government task force, mobile users are told to beware of malware that is especially lured to Android’s operating system and ways to avoid it.

How to change which programs Windows uses by default

How to change which programs Windows uses by default

The basics of S corporation stock basis

This is a great article about the basics of S-Corporation shareholder stock basis.

Preparing for a new mortgage or re-finance

If you prepare ahead of time for a obtaining a mortgage loan, it can make a big difference to make your deal go smoother and get a better rate. Do you have the required Income? Two ratios are commonly used in the mortgage industry to determine if a borrower can afford the loan payments. Run these […]

Getting Ready to Sell You Business – High Level Overview

This is a good article on a high level overview of getting ready to sell your business. QBPros can help you structure your company for a future sale. The earlier you plan and get things in proper order, typically the greater benefit. Buyers and their representatives typically look back 3 to 5 years to the […]