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How to save to a sub-folder on a Mac

When the save dialog box is open, click the triangle/arrow button next to (just to the right of) the file name. This will open up a larger window that looks like Finder and allow you to navigate to the appropriate sub-folder.

Securely Deleting Accounting Files

When you delete QuickBooks, bank statements, accounting source documents, or any other files from a hard disk (Windows or Mac), the storage space that the files occupied is available for reuse, meaning new files can use that space, thus overwriting the old file with new data. However, until that occurs, the deleted files are still […]

Find out how long a Mac has been running since last reboot

Find out how long a Mac has been running since last reboot 1. Lunch Finder app. 2. Go to Applications > Utilities 3. Launch Terminal app. 4. Type in “uptime” (without quotes) and press the enter enter key. 5. The time the computer has been up will be displayed. Type exit to quit, then close the window. […]

Roundtrip: Convert a QuickBooks for Mac file to QuickBooks for Windows and back again

QBPros does not recommend that you perform a “round trip” of data from QuickBooks for Mac to QuickBooks for Windows, and back to QB for Mac. There are data loss issues associated with doing so. We have posted this as a reference for some of the steps that might help those who want to convert […]

Printing Issues on Mac Connected to Remote Desktop

HP LaserJet 4350 PS driver is used for the printer redirection. It must be installed from Windows Update or a previous release than Server 2008 R2 to work. Reportedly, the driver from HP will not work for this purpose due to some font issues.

Remote Desktop Client for Mac to connect to PC Terminal Server

Mac Flashback Anti-Trojan Tool

Mac Flashback Anti-Trojan Tool  

QuickBooks for Mac Keyboard shortcuts

QuickBooks for Mac Keyboard shortcuts.

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts Using a Windows Keyboard

Many Mac shortcuts can still be used if remotely connected to a Mac from a Windows PD using GoToMyPC or some other remote control software. Mac Windows command (Open Apple or clover symbol) Windows logo key option (prev. Closed Apple or 2-pronged fork) Alt ctrl (horiz line with carat below) Ctrl shift (open up arrow) […]

Mac Networking – File Sharing

Mac Networking – File Sharing

How to change your Mac’s sleep settings

How to change your Mac’s sleep settings:

Mac OS X Lion (10.7) Introduces Cut & Paste Functionality

Command+C Selects files for copy or Move Command+V Copies original file to the new location, leaves original file in original location Command+Option+V Moves original file from original location to the new location. Original location does not contain that file anymore Of course, you can still use the mouse to drag (which moves) files or Option+drag […]