QuickBooks Attached Documents Online Storage Discontinued

After July 31, 2013, you will no longer be able to access documents you’ve stored online using QuickBooks Attached Documents.Why is QuickBooks Attached Documents being discontinued? Intuit is committed to developing easy, straightforward financial tools that help you today and grow with you tomorrow. But it’s a balancing act – making QuickBooks better and easier to use while still supporting key QuickBooks add-on products and services. So we focus on supporting the products and services with the broadest customer use.

If you want to manage and store documents you created in QuickBooks after July 31, 2013, several options exist:

OPTION 1: No need to upgrade your QuickBooks. Here’s what you can do:
A. If you no longer need your documents or don’t use Attached Documents, no action is needed.
B. Manually download documents to your own storage option. Click here for step by step instructions.
C. To download a large number of files, click here for instructions or to call our Support team for assistance.
OPTION 2: Use free local storage. Our latest versions of QuickBooks come with free local storage.
A. If you have QuickBooks 2013 or 2012, click here for instructions on how to convert your documents to free local storage.
B. Upgrade to QuickBooks 2013.  If you upgrade by July 31, 2013, you will be prompted to switch to local storage.  Any documents you have previously stored online will be automatically downloaded to your computer.
To upgrade now:
Contact QBPros to upgrade today: 818-889-2407 or 605-343-2400