Unable to export to Excel after updating to QuickBooks 2014 R5

Unable to export to Excel after updating to QuickBooks 2014 R5

In QuickBooks 2014 R5, you are unable to export reports to Excel (such as a transaction journal or A/R aging report) or emailing reports as an Excel document.

When clicking the export button (or email– Send Report as Excel), you will not see the export to Excel option appear like it will for other reports. This is intermittent, as it may happen, then stop occuring.

What you can try now

Unable to export a Transaction Journal report to Excel, export via the Customer Center:

    1. Open the Customer Center and find the transaction in the Transactions pane.
    2. Right-click on the transaction you want to see a Transaction Journal on.
    3. Choose Transaction Journal.

    1. Click the Excel button and choose Create New Worksheet to export your report to Excel.


Open the Item List first, then open your report:

This issue only occurs if you try to access your report when you were previously on a transaction form (Invoice, Sales Order, Purchase Order, Bill, etc).  If you open the report after being on a non-transaction form (such as the Item list of Chart of Accounts), the report will be able to export to Excel.

  1. Open the Item List (List– Item List)
  2. Open the report you want under the reports menu (any report).
  3. Export to Excel by clicking the Excel drop down or email as Excel by clicking the Email button.