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3 Practical Lessons from Billionaire Mark Cuban

The excerpt is from Dave Ramsey’s interview with Mark Cuban. 1. There’s no reason it can’t be you. After completing college, Mark moved to Dallas, Texas, where he tended bar, sold software, and did whatever it took to learn and get ahead—even down to eating mustard and ketchup sandwiches when times were really lean. But […]

New version of Flash Player to patch an exploit

New version Flash Player to patch an exploit Check for the version of Adobe Flash Player on your computer: If you version is below the latest, it is recommended that you upgrade from: Source:

Rolling Back QuickBooks 2014 to Release 5 (R5)

If you installed QuickBooks R6, and are having problems, you should be able to roll back to R5. You can call us to to do this or follow the steps below. Uninstall QuickBooks. You should do this with each machine that you have it installed on. Then, re-install with the proper version: Pro: Premier: […]