QuickBooks 2017 scheduled to be released 9/19/16

QuickBooks 2017 is scheduled to be released 9/19/16. This version is mostly refinement of existing features, little things that make it more user friendly for day to day users. Depending on your usage, your mileage will vary on the enhancements.

For those that use QuickBooks in multi-user mode, you will be delighted that some functionalities that used to only be able to be performed in single user mode can now be performed in multi-user mode: Pay Bills, Creating Invoices from Estimates, Creating Bills from Purchase Orders, Printing Checks and Scanning Checks.

Switching from multi-user mode to single-user mode has been enhanced for administrators. A dialog presents displaying users currently logged in and allows the Admin to send a request to those users to log out with in a selectable duration, as well as to select time for how long the admin plans to be in single-user mode.

Enhancements to reports include filtering, such as selecting multiple GL account, and amount range, the ability to display filters applied to reports on a bar at the top of the report, missing user names (due to user deletion) now show on the Audit Trail (I think now that users cannot be deleted, instead be inactivated, but that implementation is not clear yet).

A new feature for reports is “Scheduled Reports. As the name suggests, it’s purpose is to automate the sending of reports. You have to be an Admin to set-up, and the reports will run at the scheduled date and time even if QB is closed on your computer (your computer must be on, not hibernated or asleep, and connected to the internet). There are other details about how it works such as if you do have a company file open at the time the reports are scheduled to be sent, it must be that same company file. If you have more than one company file that has scheduled reports, all companies should be closed. You cannot use the QuickBooks email service, but Outlook (must be open) or the webmail (must have password saved) does work.

There are other technical requirements. The limitation of only being able to have one 2017 edition of QuickBooks (Pro, Premier, or Enterprise) installed on your computer will make this impractical for most accountants to use.