How to adjust vendor check alignment in QBO (QuickBooks Online)

1. Make sure the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed.

2. Go to Transactions on the left navigation panel and click Expenses.

3. Click the Print Checks button in the upper right-hand corner.

4a. If you ARE presented with Print checks setup asking to select the type of check that you are using, do so.
4b. If you are NOT presented with Print checks setup, and see the Print Checks screen, click “Print setup” at the bottom of the screen.

5. Load blank paper in the drawer/try that you will normally load check stock into.

6. Click View preview and print sample button.

7. Click Print button. Click the printer icon.

8. When the printer dialog appears,

a. Set Page Scaling to Actual size. If this causes problems with other programs, install a second printer (to the same printer) and name one for QBO with the ‘Actual size’ set.
b. If you need to select a drawer/tray, click Properties and do so. Click Ok, then click Ok to print.

9. Place the sample on top of a blank check page. Hold them both up to the light.

10. If the fields ARE lined up ok, then click the Yes, I’m finished with setup button. You are done.

11. If the fields ARE NOT lined up, then click No, continue setup.

11. Drag the rectangle within the grid to adjust alignment, then click View preview and print sample button.

12. Repeat process until align is correct, then click Finish Setup button on the Fine-tune alignment page.

Here’s a video on the process:¬†

Note: payroll check alignment is different, and must be set by payroll customer support at this time.