QuickBooks Online and Wells Fargo Bank feed problems

Wells Fargo transactions are reversed or I’m getting Error 105 when trying to refresh

What is wrong with the Wells Fargo connection? 
Currently transactions downloaded from Wells Fargo have the possibility to reverse money spent and received. This means these transactions should not be accepted into QuickBooks Online because it will result in them negatively impacting your books. This is impacting both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Self-Employed.

What is being done to resolve this issue? 
Intuit and Wells Fargo are working together to resolve the issue.

When will this issue with my Wells Fargo connection be resolved? 
Currently we do not have an exact timeline. We are working very closely with Wells Fargo to get this restored as quickly as possible. (this article was last updated on Wednesday September 5th)

Why am I now getting Error 105 when trying to refresh my Wells Fargo account? 
In an effort, to reduce the negative impact because of the reversed transactions, we have turned off aggregation for the impacted accounts. As soon as we are able to restore normal functionality, the accounts will no longer display Error 105 and transactions should appear normally.

What will I need to do once it’s resolved? 
Once the transactions are downloading normally again, there is a possibility we will need to exclude the transactions that were reversed. For these few days while this issue has persisted, the transactions will need to be manually created in QuickBooks Online.