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QuickBooks log file QBWin.log (Part 2)

QuickBooks log file QBWin.log (Part 2)

QuickBooks log file QBWin.log (Part 1)

QuickBooks log file QBWin.log (Part 1)  

Maximum number of list items allowed in Quickbooks

QuickBooks can handle a maximum of 2 billion transactions. Typically, the maximum is limited more by your computer’s hard disk space than by QuickBooks. Overview   Maximum number of items in lists List name Max number of items (Simple Start, Pro, Premier) Max number of items (Enterprise) Chart of accounts 10,000 100,000 (10,000 in version […]

Using Subtotals in QuickBooks Orders

The subtotal item in QuickBooks can be useful if you want to provide a summary of the price of items you are selling in an order form. Unfortunately, if you try to get tricky with multiple levels of subtotals you may find that this feature doesn’t work the way you might expect. In this article, […]

Fixing QuickBooks PDF Problems in Windows 8 (and more!)

Charlie Russel has written a great article: Fixing QuickBooks PDF Problems in Windows 8 (and more!). If you are having pdf problems with QucikBooks, this is a defintely a great resource.

NEW QuickBooks 2013 Maintenance Release 4: Color Improvements

QuickBooks 2013 Maintenance Release 4 is available for manual download. You may want to wait until it is an automatic download in the event the find and fix problems before it releases to everyone. Typically, at release 4 is when we find a new version of QuickBooks to be stable enough to recommend to clients. Here’s a couple articles on the […]

Can I Share My QuickBooks File on Google Drive or Dropbox?

Great article by Charlie Russell that clearly and answer the question with the reasons behind his answers.

QuickBooks Product Updates & Release Information

If you would like to know the statuds of a QuickBooks product updates, such as what is the latest release without installing it, check this site which contains release notes as well.

Security Warning: Do you want to view only the web page content that was delivered securely?

You may see a warning when you open QuickBooks: Do you want to view only the web page content that was delivered securely? This web page contains content that will not be delivered using a secure HTTPS connection, which could compromise the security of the entire web page. This warning is from Internet Explorer, which […]

Error: “Your data containes duplicate list elements”

When you get this error in QuickBooks, it means that somehow there are duplicates in one or more lists. This usually sneaks into one of the more common lists (such as Names, Chart of Accounts, and Items); however, it frequently occurs in the Customer Message field. QuickBooks doesn’t seem to do a very good job of screening/preventing duplicates […]

Multicurrency Transactions in QuickBooks

You have a few options regarding multi-currency transactions in QuickBooks. First, Q/B does have a multicurrency feature that you may want to check out. Thoroughly research before implementing as you can’t reverse it ( This is best implemented if you have frequent multi-currency transactions. However, if you create the occasional invoice that gets paid in […]

Use credit memos, bill credits – not discounts

Customer Discounts (applied on the Receive Payments window) and Vendor Discounts (applied on the Pay Bills window) are effective and efficient ways to discount what your customers owe you and what you owe to your vendors. With vendors, the discounts are even more effective when you use date-driven terms because QuickBooks either will automatically apply […]

Double Window Envelopes for QuickBooks Checks

Frequently we are asked, “What double window envelopes should I buy to mail QuickBooks checks in?” First, we should note that the there is a different size envelope for checks and invoices…they are not interchangable, so please purchase carefully. Go to our Amazon store: for GREAT PRICES (on both types of envelopes) and select the […]

QuickBooks for Windows Shortcuts

QuickBooks Everyday Shortcuts QuickBooks features many keyboard shortcuts that allow you to open, close, save and work with documents in a flash. The following shortcuts make working with QuickBooks even faster and easier: QuickBooks Key or Keystroke Combination Shortcut Result Ctrl-A Opens your Chart of Accounts Ctrl-F Finds transactions, by amount, date, memo or name […]

Resort QuickBooks lists when names or items are out of order or missing

Resort QuickBooks lists when names or items are out of order or missing A list appears out of order Some of your list elements are missing New entries appear at the top of your list Reports appear out of order You aren’t able to do things like turn on account numbers Highlighting a customer, vendor […]

How to convert an existing bank account to QuickBooks so that it can be reconciled

When you convert an existing bank account into QuickBooks, you must perform the following steps to be able to reconcile the bank account for the first time: Get your last reconciled bank statement. Enter the ending balance from the bank statement into the check register in QuickBooks as a deposit if positive or as a […]

Employer-Provided Health Coverage Reporting Requirements on W-2 (2011 and 2012)

Employer-Provided Health Coverage Reporting Requirements on W-2. Source:,,id=237894,00.html QuickBooks “Health Coverage Cost” set-up for reporting code DD in Box 12 Source: and

QuickBooks Firewall and Internet security settings for updates and network access

QuickBooks Firewall and Internet security settings for updates and network access: For QuickBooks Pro 2012, the following ports need to be opened for incoming and outgoing network traffic: 80, 8019, 56722, and 55348-55352. For more information about other editions and/or the indiviual executables that utilize the ports, see: Source:

Convert a QuickBooks Customer to a Job

It is possible to convert a Customer to a Job, however, it involves very skillful use of the mouse, here’s how to do it: a.) Open Customer Center. b.) If you don’t have the parent (new customer of job) that the old customer will be a job of, create the parent customer or job. c.) […]

Need to reinstall Quickbooks without CD?

If you need to reinstall QuickBooks but can’t find the installation CD, here are links to download various QuickBooks software or try this link: Here’s some tips on registering or re-registering QuickBooks: Register QuickBooks  If you are having difficulties registering your product, you can contact us by phone: From within the U.S. or […]

QuickBooks 2009 support will end on 05/31/2012

QuickBooks service discontinuation policy and upgrade information     Live technical support and add-on business services such as payroll, credit card processing, QuickBooks Email, and online banking will be discontinued for QuickBooks for Windows 2009, QuickBooks 2009 for Mac, and a few other products as of May 31, 2012. We are committed to developing easy, straightforward financial […]

Manual QuickBooks Server Updates

Updates to the QuickBooks Server can be downloaded from the Internet. Because the QuickBooks Server is not a full QuickBooks application, updates must be downloaded and installed manually. The installation steps are done on the server. You can print this topic for reference by clicking the print icon in the top right corner. To do […]

Message – “Windows Mail Can Compact the Message Store occurs when navigating the Vendor or Customer Center”

When accessing records, emailing or navigating around Customer or Vendor Centers while using Windows Vista, the following message is displayed: Windows Mail Can Compact the Message Store  Why this is happening: This is a Microsoft error in Windows Mail and only occurs in Windows Vista. How to fix it  Follow the detailed steps after consulting […]

Tip: How to log off another QuickBooks user

QuickBooks Messenger is a feature introduced in QuickBooks 2009 that allows communication between QuickBooks users in Multi-user mode. You must be signed into QuickBooks in Multi-user mode in order to use the QuickBooks Messenger. Opening QuickBooks Messenger In Multi-user mode, you will notice a QuickBooks Messenger icon in your system tray (located in the bottom […]

Pay Vendors by Direct Deposits from QuickBooks

To pay 1099 vendors (sometimes referred to as independent contractors) by direct deposit, you must first be subscribed to the Direct Deposit service and have it already activated for paying employees. How? Important: Direct Deposit for vendor payments is not currently supported for Assisted Payroll users. Then follow the instructions below to activate Direct Deposit […]