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Charging Interest on Late Accounts Receivable in California

This is a very interesting short article on charging interest on Accounts Receivable in the state of California and how the CA Supreme Court ruled in favor of the seller of supplies who charged an interest rate 1.5% per month (18% per year) which is higher than CA usery laws cap at 10% . Read why in the […]

Corporate tax return due date is today, need an extention?

The due date for corporations whose tax year ends on December 31st is March 15. If you are unable to file by then, most domestic corporations can apply for an automatic 6 month extention using IRS Form 7004. IRS Form 7004: Intructions for IRS Form 7004:  A corporation with any other fiscal year-end has […]

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts Using a Windows Keyboard

Many Mac shortcuts can still be used if remotely connected to a Mac from a Windows PD using GoToMyPC or some other remote control software. Mac Windows command (Open Apple or clover symbol) Windows logo key option (prev. Closed Apple or 2-pronged fork) Alt ctrl (horiz line with carat below) Ctrl shift (open up arrow) […]