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Installing Dropbox on a Windows server

Usually Dropbox gets installed on a server on a per Windows user basis in “c:\users\<your user\appdata\roaming\dropbox”. Each RemoteDesktop user has their own install and synching to Dropbox servers (and other DropBox users) will only happen when the remote desktop client is logged in because it’s a desktop application that starts upon user login and closes upon user […]

Dropbox Terms of Service

Dropbox seems pretty transparent about their terms of service and provides a good level of security in our opinion. They explain that they do manage the encryption key which allows them to provide service that works easily between users and the ability to download and preview files. This does means that they can decrypt the […]

e-pay Tax Payment and Direct Deposit Transmission Deadlines in QuickBooks

Direct Deposit Transmission: There is a hard deadline of 5pm PT two business days before pay date. Wed 5pm PT for Fri pay day. e-pay of tax payments: 2 business days prior to payment date. Although IRS EFTPS has a transmission deadline of only 8p ET the day before payment date, QuickBooks requires you to […]

GoPayment Mobile Credit Card Processing Deal

Take credit cards with your cell phone! Quick, easy, inexpensive! Call George at GoPayment (800) 559-0278 x-61393. Mention we referred you…give our name and phone number (QBPros 605-343-2400) to get a rockin deal right now: 1.61% swiped, 2.2% keyed, free card reader that plugs into your cell phone, 3 months free ($9.95/mo thereafter), and a free copy […]