Take credit card payments with your cell phone, so easy!

Take credit card payments with your cell phone!

I just received my new free credit reader that plugs into the headset jack on my Blackberry smart phone. I installed the software quickly and easily on the phone. The software is available for many Apple, Blackberry, and Andriod devices. I created a charge for $0.10 and swiped my credit card. This is really slick!

Even if I don’t have the reader with me, the software allows me to manually enter credit card information. Now I can take¬† credit cards out in the field as long as my phone is with me. So can you!

Just a small fee per swipe. No monthly fees, no contracts. This can be integrated with an existing Intuit Merchant Account as we did to get your same rates. Contact us to find out how to sign up and integrate it with QuickBooks!

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