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Turning off #Facebook notifications when you think you have!

When  you think you’ve turned off Facebook notifications in your settings but still get some, this is what you can do: Unfollow a Facebook post from the new notification box. Click the globe icon Hover your mouse over the notification you want to stop seeing and click the X that appears Click Turn off (or unfollow). […]

Andriod Tasks App that Syncs with Google Apps’ Tasks

Just learned about a great Tasks app for Andriod devices that syncs with Google Apps’ Tasks. You can download for free from Google Play. The free version is sponsored by ads but is advertising free for 10 day evaluabtion. $0.99 after that gets no ad version. Source:!topic/mobile/qVlYdbJUQsU

Windows 7 error upon saving, “Another user may have opened the file…”

If you open an existing file by double-clicking it in Windows Explorer, and then try to save it, but receive the error that states something like “the file cannot be saved because another user may have opened the file”, look to see if you have a checkbox that is selected in Windows Explorer just to […]

How to change folder options in Win7, Vista

Open the Control Panel. (Start ->Control Panel) In the Address Bar, click on the right-arrow just after “Control Panel”, and select “All Control Panel Items”. Double-Click “Folder Options”. Select the “View” tab on the Folder Options window. Some common settings that are not set on default that we find helpful to: Un-check “Use checkboxes to […]

How to Make a Custom Stamp in Acrobat

Obama: “You didn’t build that”.

Obama: “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” Obama said this at his 07/13/12 Roanoke, Virginia speech and it isn’t sitting well with me as a business owner! While I totally agree that cooperative efforts are the free market, each one of those cooperative efforts (with customers, […]

How to Change Outlook “Map It” to Google

How to change Outlook’s “Map It” to Google (and to customize to display driving directions). For Office 2010, the regisrty path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Outlook\Options\General I had to add a registery key “General” under “Options”. Then add a “String Value” type key under “General” with the name “MapScriptURL“. For just the map, use the value:<0s>, <1s>, <2s>, <3s>, <4s> If […]

Printing Issues on Mac Connected to Remote Desktop

HP LaserJet 4350 PS driver is used for the printer redirection. It must be installed from Windows Update or a previous release than Server 2008 R2 to work. Reportedly, the driver from HP will not work for this purpose due to some font issues.

Remote Desktop Client for Mac to connect to PC Terminal Server

Use credit memos, bill credits – not discounts

Customer Discounts (applied on the Receive Payments window) and Vendor Discounts (applied on the Pay Bills window) are effective and efficient ways to discount what your customers owe you and what you owe to your vendors. With vendors, the discounts are even more effective when you use date-driven terms because QuickBooks either will automatically apply […]

If your computer is infected w/ DNSChanger, no more web access on Mon July 9

If you’re one of thousands of people infected with the DNSChanger malware, get rid of it before Monday. On July 9, the FBI will be switching off servers it used to keep those infected with the malware on the Internet….read more How to detect if your computer is infected with DNSChanger: Manually check […]