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Maximum number of list items allowed in Quickbooks

QuickBooks can handle a maximum of 2 billion transactions. Typically, the maximum is limited more by your computer’s hard disk space than by QuickBooks. Overview   Maximum number of items in lists List name Max number of items (Simple Start, Pro, Premier) Max number of items (Enterprise) Chart of accounts 10,000 100,000 (10,000 in version […]

Before you donate, check the organization’s tax exempt status

Want to know if the the exempt organization that you are planning to donate to is elgible to receive charitble contributions or had their exempt status revoked? Go here: Tip: If you do not know the organization’s EIN, just leave it blank. Churchs may not be required to file IRS Form 990 in many cases. See IRS Publication […]

Using Subtotals in QuickBooks Orders

The subtotal item in QuickBooks can be useful if you want to provide a summary of the price of items you are selling in an order form. Unfortunately, if you try to get tricky with multiple levels of subtotals you may find that this feature doesn’t work the way you might expect. In this article, […]

Fixing QuickBooks PDF Problems in Windows 8 (and more!)

Charlie Russel has written a great article: Fixing QuickBooks PDF Problems in Windows 8 (and more!). If you are having pdf problems with QucikBooks, this is a defintely a great resource.

NEW QuickBooks 2013 Maintenance Release 4: Color Improvements

QuickBooks 2013 Maintenance Release 4 is available for manual download. You may want to wait until it is an automatic download in the event the find and fix problems before it releases to everyone. Typically, at release 4 is when we find a new version of QuickBooks to be stable enough to recommend to clients. Here’s a couple articles on the […]

IE9 – Stop “Speed up browsing by disabling add-ons” notification

Internet Explorer is trying to help you speed its performance by suggesting that you disable add-ons that take longer than 0.20 seconds to load. But, if you are happy with the performance of how long it takes for add-ons to load, then this peristant notification gets annoying very quickly. While there is no way to […]