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How to find your past posts on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has made some changes recently and there’s no more menu to easily find posts that you are following. But this direct link will get you there:  

How to create new year’s accounting folder structure from last year’s

Each January, we have to create to a new accounting folder structure. It’s great to have each year have the same structure as the previous one for quick switching between year’s data. This is a tedious task to accomplish manually, but is very quick to do with Window’s command line and the built in xcopy […]

12 Tips to Speed up Windows 7,3253,l=251692&a=251692&po=1,00.asp

How to speed up your computer: Disabling Windows Aero on Win 7

Disabling Aero in Windows 7 is very simple: Right click the Desktop Click Personalize Under ‘Basic and High Contrast Themes, click ‘Windows 7 Basic’ Source:,3253,l=251692&a=251692&po=12,00.asp Source:

Recommended (Default) Location to Store QuickBooks Company Files

Recommended (Default) Location to Store Company Files To store your company files, you can use the recommended (default) location or choose another location. We recommend that you do not store your company files in the Program Files folder. Note: To accommodate the Windows 8, 7 and Vista operating systems that limits the use of the Program Files […]

How to login to your Intuit QuickBooks Account

How to login to your Intuit QuickBooks Account You think that this would be straight forward to login, download your software, or manage your account settings but it really isn’t if you just try to go to the main site, instead go to:

Add back Google Chrome Black Menu Bar

Google has removed the handy black top menu bar from it’s pages and replaced it with the dotted square icon that must be clicked to bring up a navigation menu. One more click doesn’t seem like a step forward to many of us as. Lots of people are complaining!topic/chrome/XEVP_TfF5k4 Thankfully, there’s a Google Chrome extension […]

Get “mailto” and “webcal” links to work in Chrome with Gmail and Calendar

Chrome’s chrome://settings/handlers does not seem to allow you to allow handlers such as mailto and webcal as it should, so here’s a work-around For mailto: – Make sure you are logged in to Gmail and the active window is your main Gmail page (or nothing will happen). – Copy/paste this into the address bar: javascript:navigator.registerProtocolHandler(“mailto”,”“,”Gmail”) – Add […]

How to make IE8 trust a self-signed certificate in 20 irritating steps

How to make IE8 trust a self-signed certificate in 20 irritating steps Browse to the site whose certificate you want to trust. When told “There is a problem with this website’s security certificate.”, choose “Continue to this website (not recommended).” Select Tools➞Internet Options. Select Security➞Trusted sites➞Sites. Confirm the URL matches, and click “Add” then “Close”. […]

QuickBooks Tools

Common and most used support tools for resolving problems with QuickBooks can be found here:

QuickBooks 2013 R8 Released To Fix R7 Issues

QuickBooks 2013 R8 Released To Fix R7 Issues (we hope). If you are affected by 3rd party add-ons not working, this is probably your best option, if not, we recommend waiting a couple of weeks to see how other users are affected by this release. Read this article if you are thinking about installing.

QuickBooks Payroll Fees Changing for New Customers

Upcoming changes to the Intuit Payroll product line will apply to NEW small business payroll customers only, beginning July 22, 2013. Small business customers with existing payroll subscriptions will not be affected. The changes do not affect QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll for Accounting Professionals.  What’s Changing? Simplified product offerings that easily help clients choose the right payroll service […]

QuickBooks Attached Documents Online Storage Discontinued

After July 31, 2013, you will no longer be able to access documents you’ve stored online using QuickBooks Attached Documents.Why is QuickBooks Attached Documents being discontinued? Intuit is committed to developing easy, straightforward financial tools that help you today and grow with you tomorrow. But it’s a balancing act – making QuickBooks better and easier […]

QuickBooks Product Refunds

Return your QuickBooks product Most QuickBooks products have an unconditional 60-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. This policy does not apply to Intuit resource guides, education/lab packs, and bulk software orders. To receive a full refund of your purchase price, you must return the product to Intuit within 60 days of purchase. Once the product falls outside of the […]

QuickBooks Pro/Premier 2013 Release 7 Still has problems with 3rd party apps

QuickBooks Pro/Premier 2013 Release 7 Still has problems with 3rd party apps. Initially, on 06/04/13 when Intuit released R7 as a manual update, it broke many 3rd party add-on apps. A critical patch to the release with made available but only if you have auto-updates enabled (Help > Update QB > Options tab > Automatic […]

QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 Release R5 Available

QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 Release R5 Available and addresses the following issues: It can be downloaded from:

Should You Defrag an SSD?

This is an interesting article about why you should not defrag an SSD (Solid State Drive) and important purchase information about finding a SSD drive that supports the TRIM command to increase the life of the SSD. Very interesting info about SSDs.  

Find out how long a Mac has been running since last reboot

Find out how long a Mac has been running since last reboot 1. Lunch Finder app. 2. Go to Applications > Utilities 3. Launch Terminal app. 4. Type in “uptime” (without quotes) and press the enter enter key. 5. The time the computer has been up will be displayed. Type exit to quit, then close the window. […]

Retail Pricing: Margin vs Markup

We hear these terms Margin and Markup being used, especially in retail store management, but do you really know what they mean? There’s a very important difference between the two when expressed as a percentage that can cost you big money if you don’t know the difference.   First, let’s get some basic definitions out of […]

Windows keyboard shortcuts

Windows system key combinations F1: Help CTRL+ESC: Open Start menu ALT+TAB: Switch between open programs ALT+F4: Quit program SHIFT+DELETE: Delete item permanently Windows Logo+L: Lock the computer (without using CTRL+ALT+DELETE) Windows program key combinations CTRL+C: Copy CTRL+X: Cut CTRL+V: Paste CTRL+Z: Undo CTRL+B: Bold CTRL+U: Underline CTRL+I: Italic Mouse click/keyboard modifier combinations for shell objects […]

QuickBooks Point of Sale hardware drivers and installation instructions

Roundtrip: Convert a QuickBooks for Mac file to QuickBooks for Windows and back again

QBPros does not recommend that you perform a “round trip” of data from QuickBooks for Mac to QuickBooks for Windows, and back to QB for Mac. There are data loss issues associated with doing so. We have posted this as a reference for some of the steps that might help those who want to convert […]

Re-sort QuickBooks lists when names or items are out of order or missing.

 Possible Symptoms: A list appears out of order Some of your list elements are missing New entries appear at the top of your list Reports appear out of order You aren’t able to do things like turn on account numbers Highlighting a customer, vendor or employee displays no transactions Name filter drop-down auto-fill not working […]

QuickBooks log file QBWin.log (Part 2)

QuickBooks log file QBWin.log (Part 2)

QuickBooks log file QBWin.log (Part 1)

QuickBooks log file QBWin.log (Part 1)