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How to fix QuickBooks Online invoices and statements caught in spam

QuickBooks Online sends invoices and statements from Intuit’s email servers using the email address or Some recipients have been complaining about not receiving these documents, and consequently not paying their invoices timely. Recipients should look in their ‘spam‘ and ‘junk‘ folders (sometimes two different folders) for the missing emails. If found, then the recipient needs to mark the email(s) […]

How to adjust vendor check alignment in QBO (QuickBooks Online)

1. Make sure the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed. 2. Go to Transactions on the left navigation panel and click Expenses. 3. Click the Print Checks button in the upper right-hand corner. 4a. If you ARE presented with Print checks setup asking to select the type of check that you are using, do […]

Support for QuickBooks 2014 (Windows and Mac) ends after 5/31/2017

If you are using QuickBooks 2014 (Windows and Mac) then you won’t be able to use certain services and features after May 31, 2017. While the basic program will work, any add-on features like payroll (any level will not be updated with current tax tables), ViewMyPaycheck, live tech support, Online Backup, and Online Banking will […]

QuickBooks Online Known Error – Existing Invoices with Billable Expenses

This is a known error in QuickBooks, so a fix should be out shortly, so this may or may not apply to you. The Billable Expenses error happens when trying to add Additional Billable Expenses to an Existing Invoice. There is no problem adding to a new invoice. Here are two work-arounds until Intuit fixes […]

QuickBooks 2017 scheduled to be released 9/19/16

QuickBooks 2017 is scheduled to be released 9/19/16. This version is mostly refinement of existing features, little things that make it more user friendly for day to day users. Depending on your usage, your mileage will vary on the enhancements. For those that use QuickBooks in multi-user mode, you will be delighted that some functionalities that used […]

What to do if your QuickBooks Online (QBO) Invoices are going to your customers’ spam folder

There’s a new option for sending an invoice within QuickBooks Online (QBO), named “Share Invoice Link“. This function was created to help those users whose invoices ended up in their customers’ spam due to the email being sent through Intuit’s servers instead of their own. With the “Share Invoice Link” function, you can grab a link that you […]

QuickBooks Online (QBO) will be down for maintenance on 6/11/2016 between 9pm and 10pm PT

QuickBooks Online (QBO) will be down for maintenance on 6/11/2016 between 9pm and 10pm PT  

8 FAQs about EMV credit cards

Source: 8 FAQs about EMV credit cards Chip? PIN? Signature? Will old cards work? Answers to frequently asked questions By Sienna Kossman Read more: Follow us: @CreditCardsCom on Twitter | on Facebook Compare credit cards here – The nationwide shift to EMV is well underway. EMV — which stands for Europay, MasterCard […]

Bugs in Custom Fields in QuickBooks 2015 R6

Check out Charlie Russell’s short article on the description of the bugs and their impact from the QuickBooks 2015 R6 release.

Downloading an online bank statement opens the wrong version of QuickBooks

Source: You download an online bank statement (Web Connect file or .QBO) directly from a Financial Institution (FI) site, and the wrong version of QuickBooks opens. This may also occur when double-clicking a Web Connect file (.QBO) after it has been saved to your computer. Why this is happening With multiple versions of QuickBooks installed, electing to […]

Paypal issues Form 1099-K to sellers

Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 6050W states that all US payment processors, including PayPal, are required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to provide information to the IRS about certain customers who receive payments for the sale of goods or services through PayPal. PayPal is required to report gross payments received for sellers who receive […]

QuickBooks: Marking payments for exclusion from Form 1099-MISC

Beginning with the 2011 tax year, the IRS requires you to exclude from Form 1099-MISC any payments you made by credit card, debit card, gift card, or third-party payment network such as PayPal. (These payments are being reported by the card issuers and third-party payment networks on Form 1099-K.) When you use check payments (in […]

New version of Flash Player to patch an exploit

New version Flash Player to patch an exploit Check for the version of Adobe Flash Player on your computer: If you version is below the latest, it is recommended that you upgrade from: Source:

Rolling Back QuickBooks 2014 to Release 5 (R5)

If you installed QuickBooks R6, and are having problems, you should be able to roll back to R5. You can call us to to do this or follow the steps below. Uninstall QuickBooks. You should do this with each machine that you have it installed on. Then, re-install with the proper version: Pro: Premier: […]

Emailed forms may not seen by customers if you use the QuickBooks Email service

If you email forms from QuickBooks (Invoices, Sales Receipts, reports, etc.) using the QuickBooks Email service, your email may not be seen by the recipient. Just because you send form via email from QuickBooks, doesn’t mean that you are affected, as there are 3 ways to send forms from QuickBooks, but only one of them […]

QuickBooks 2014 Critical Fixes updates (ULIP) – Patch May Not Be Installed

QuickBooks 2014 Export to Excel has been a problem for some. Intuit issued a QuickBooks 2014 Critical Fixes updates (ULIP), but sometimes these patches may not be installed, here’s how to tell and how to make sure they install correctly.

Patch available for trouble exporting to Excel from QuickBooks Enterprise

Patch available for trouble exporting to Excel from QuickBooks Enterprise

Unable to export to Excel after updating to QuickBooks 2014 R5

Unable to export to Excel after updating to QuickBooks 2014 R5 In QuickBooks 2014 R5, you are unable to export reports to Excel (such as a transaction journal or A/R aging report) or emailing reports as an Excel document. When clicking the export button (or email– Send Report as Excel), you will not see the export to Excel option appear like it […]

Welcome Your Employees to QuickBooks ViewMyPaycheck2

Welcome Your Employees to QuickBooks ViewMyPaycheck2

QuickBooks ViewMyPaycheck users must convert to version 2 by 03/31/13

QuickBooks ViewMyPaycheck users must convert to version 2 by 03/31/13. Here’s how: Already using ViewMyPaycheck (Version 1)? Thanks for being a loyal ViewMyPaycheck customer! We’ve made lots of great improvements in ViewMyPaycheck 2 based on suggestions from customers just like you. So check out some of the features, take it for a test drive (opens in a new […]

QuickBooks Attached Documents Feature

The QuickBooks Attached Documents Feature seems to be handy, as it allows you to attach document(s) scanned or already on your computer to a transaction in QuickBooks. It’s now a part of QuickBooks without needing a subscription, the files are stored locally where the company file is stored, in a sub-folder named Attach. You can drop […]

Windows 8 Numberpad Not Working?

Windows 8 Numberpad Not Working? Click on Start –> Control Panel –> Ease of Access –> Ease of Access Center –> Click on “Make the mouse easier to use” –> Under Control the mouse with the keyboard, uncheck the check box “Turn ON Mouse Keys” –> Click on OK.   If you are connecting in […]

Merchant Chargeback Process

Chargebacks are an unpleasant fact of life for merchants. Hopefully, chargebacks will be a rare event for you, but you should know how to protect yourself. A chargeback is a transaction that has been disputed by a customer. Chargebacks occur for a variety of reasons. For example, the customer may be unsatisfied with the merchandise, or a […]

How to Change Power Button to Logoff (Win 7 and Win 8 w/ Classic Shell)

A great way to regain some familiar functionality to Windows 8 is to install Classic Shell. It’s puts the Start button back on the desktop. However to customize it’s functionality, you must access it’s setting in the Start>All Programs>Classic Shell>Classic Shell Start Menu Settings. One of the settings that we change on our remote access […]

How to count back change in manual point of sale

How to count back change This comes up in training on Point of Sale installations, how do you make change easily in a manual situation? The “count back” method is the best method to use, as it doesn’t require doing much math in your head and is self-checking. Say the sale is $63.19 and the […]